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About food contact glove
According to the REGULATION (EC) No 1935/2004, food grade testing mainly contains two parts: specific migration test and overall migration test for PPE gloves. Specific migration test is to ensure that the hazardous substances in the glove will not migrate to the food excessively. Overall migration test is to ensure that any substances in the glove will not excessively migrate to the food thus to pollute the food, or change the nature and taste of the food. Meanwhile, a qualified food grade glove should not have any unpleasant odors.
SKINTECH coating is totally in compliance with the REGULATION as we selects safe dyes and water-based solvent. Even black colour coating is under the overall migration limit for contacting all type of food at 70℃ temperature. Therefore, SKINTECH coating is a high-class food grade coating. Gloves with this coating are safe to come into contact with food.
In the mean time, glove liners also have effects on the results of migration tests. So due to different liner yarns and dyeing method, the food types which SKINTECH series gloves can contact with is different.
K552F applies yarn dyed high-colour fastness liners and utilizes special weaving machine. It passes the overall migration test for contacting all types of food at 40℃ temperature. Thus it can be used for food handling at normal temperature or lower temperature. K482B can be used for non-fatty food industries with certain cut risks, such as oyster breeding.
You are welcomed to provide your/your clients’ field of use of the gloves, and we will customize suitable gloves and food grade testing plans for you/your clients to ensure the safety. Detailed field of use will help us develop more accurate products for you.
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