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Coolean ® -135300S is mainly made of HPPE staple fiber.
Compared with HPPE filament glove, this glove is softer and more breathable owing to the space between HPPE staple fiber. Contact area between the liner and coating is increased as staple fiber has more hairness. Therefore, the adhesion between the HPPE staple fiber liner and coating is better than that of HPPE filament glove.Furthermore, the gap between staple finer can make your sweat evaporate quickly so you will feel dry and comfortable even after hours of work.

As tested by SGS(Standard:AATCC 79-2014 Option A).The water drop absorbing time of Coolean ®-135300S is 0 second and HPPE filament yarn is above 60s.This property keeps the inside glove dry and clean.Sweat leading out can help cooling the glove quickly.As observed,although other HPPE glove can offer cool feeling at the 1st touch,but the gathering moisfure is hard to get out of the glove and the atmosphere inside glove gets wet and overwarm quickly.

The air ventilation of Coolean ®-135300S can reach 400mm/s (ISO9237:1995,100Pa,,nearly 1.5 times as HPPE filament yarn.Hand inside 135300S can really enjoy better airflow from outside.

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